Rose – botanical name rosa (fam. Rosaceae) 

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Flaurel Laurel loves outdoor events in the summer, but usually has to go to Wine Country to do them (sigh!). Still, looking at these fun designs and thinking about cheerful summer bouquets feels good even when sitting in the San Francisco fog!!! 

“Mason jars make great containers”

Vintage containers like Mason jars are a great choice for outdoor arrangements. They are cheap and sturdy and just the right size for down the middle of a long picnic table.  Read the rest of this entry »

The rental companies have all been spotlighting their new linens, and the big news this season seems to be more about fabric and texture than about color. 

Gone are the ever-present taffetas and satins that we’ve seen so much of over the past five years. In their place we’re finding more earthy textures like heavy linens and cottons, in bold geometric or stylized floral patterns that almost seem like block prints. 

“A Hartmann Studios linen that looks like Moroccan tile”

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One of many community gardens in the city, Argonne Community Garden sits between 15th and 16th Avenues in the Richmond District on land donated by the SF Unified School District. The garden has raised planting beds tended by local residents, who combine flowers with edible crops. 

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The AIDS Memorial Grove, Golden Gate Park

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Our venue profile for June features an ultra-exclusive site not even open to the public yet! This amazing spot features off-the-hook elegance in decor and services and is the perfect spot for a memorable event. 

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Peony – botanical name paeonia (fam. Paeoniaceae) 

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“The freshest product arrives on Wednesday morning”

An early morning visit gives a good overview of the top-quality floral product, containers and accent materials that can be found at the San Francisco Wholesale Flower Mart.   The Mart opens for business at 2:00 a.m.on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week, and the serious designers are there first thing to select the freshest and most exciting blooms. Read the rest of this entry »

Orchids used to be rare and expensive. Using them in an arrangement typically meant putting one or two stems in a simple vase with just a little bit of greenery, so as not to upstage the flowers. They were like truffles: hard to get, expensive, and used in small amounts. 

These days, orchids are THE flower for everything from Asian-inspired arrangements to traditional wedding designs. What happened to change things?? Well, greenhouse growers have shifted away from the crops that used to be the foundation of the greenhouse business – especially mums and carnations. These flowers are less popular than they used to be, so many domestic greenhouses are now growing orchids, with the result that the supply, selection and price are better than ever. 


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Tulip – botanical name tulipa (fam. Liliaceae) 

Everyone’s ideal spring flower, coming in a wide range of colors and shapes, the tulip originated in Asia Minor and spread to Europe in the late Middle Ages. The craze for collecting tulips in the 17th Century created the first documented investment “bubble”, which raised prices for bulbs to astronomical levels before crashing and ruining thousands of investors. 

Tulips have the distinction of being the only flower that continues to grow after being cut – the stems continue to lengthen noticeably! Wonderful for centerpieces and bouquets, they are a natural complement to spring blooms, but are becoming increasingly available and popular at other times of the year. Visiting the growing fields of Holland during the blooming season, to view the carpets of color they create, is definitely on my bucket list !